Ermatic Dosing Furnace

Ermatic Dosing Furnace

With its advanced mechanical and ergonomic design, ERMATIC dosing furnace provides the best casting quality in foundries with minimum energy use.
ERMATIC dosing furnace, which consumes 40% less energy than traditional holding furnaces and is completely environmentally friendly, is also on its way to becoming an indispensable part of foundries with its lifetime of up to 10 years and minimum maintenance requirements. With its system compatible with every machine, it can meet all the needs of users. 
ERMATIC dosing furnace, which is compatible with Industry 4.0 with its advanced technology, is the solution tool of all developed and developing foundries.
The ERMATIC dosing furnace has been designed with an easy-to-maintain system in mind with its standard parts and is offered to our valued customers.
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