What Is An Aluminum Injection Machine (Aluminum Casting Machine)?

Aluminum is a good alloy for die casting due to its high thermal and electrical conductivity, good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

In the manufacturing process of aluminum injection machines, aluminum is heated until melted, then molten metal is poured into steel casting molds. After cooling enough, the substance can be removed from the mold and still retain the shape of the inner cavity for use or processing.

What Functions Does An Aluminum Injection Molding Machine Have?

Melt metal is forged or cast into steel molds during the manufacturing process known as pressure casting. Steel molds, also called tools or molds, are specially made for each project. This makes it possible to create each component in a precise and consistent manner.

What Does Aluminum Injection Mean?

Die-casting alloys made of aluminum are thin and light and have high dimensional stability for parts with complex geometries and thin walls. Aluminum is a good alloy for pressure casting due to its high thermal and electrical conductivity, good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Metals made of low-density aluminum are required for the die casting industry. Cold chamber machines are necessary because the aluminum casting process provides a durable strength at extremely high temperatures. While the molten metal is still in an open holding container, a furnace is used to melt it to the required temperature.

As the normal pumping system will be damaged by high temperatures, the open holding crucible is kept separate from the pressure casting machine, and each casting is taken from the molten metal crucible by bucket. For cold chambers castings, more pressure is generally needed than hot chambers pressure castings.

Die Casting is a manufacturing procedure in which casting is made under external pressure. According to the intensity of the pressure used, it can be divided into two types. They are;

  • High Pressure Injection 
  • Low Pressure Injection Molding

Melt metal is forged or In this article, the main differences between high pressure aluminum injection and low pressure aluminum injection are discussed.

The most widely used manufacturing process in the world is high pressure aluminum die casting or HPDC. Currently, high pressure aluminum die-casting is used by about 70% of die-casting manufacturers.

High Pressure Injection

Below we have summarized the high pressure casting process for aluminum:

  • The melting of aluminum alloys takes place in a separate furnace from the pressure casting machines.
  • Then use a bucket with a manual or robotic arm to transfer liquid aluminum to the shooting sleeve of the equipment.
  • The molten metal will then be pushed into the mold by the piston with great pressure. Now allow the casting to cool and solidify inside the molds for a predetermined period of time.
  • The finished casting should be taken after the mold halves are separated.

Low Pressure Injection Molding

There are some remarkable structural differences between low pressure aluminum injection machines and high pressure aluminum die casting apparatus.

Below is a description of the low pressure casting process for aluminum.

  • A furnace with a tight seal, the aluminum alloy is melted. The riser pipe connects the formwork halves, which are placed on top of the furnace.
  • Apply low air pressure from inside the furnace. As a result, the molten aluminum will rise along the tube and fill the mold cavity.
  • Keep the air pressure constant until the casting hardens.
  • Finally, remove the cast by opening the molds.

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