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About Us

Aluminum technology

Erdem Makina is an organization specializing in Aluminum casting systems with its trained and expert staff, producing various automation machines for casting facilities and providing training and consultancy services on this subject. In contemporary world, there are two most important issues regarding the Aluminum casting facilities, which are the rapidly increasing in number. One is their competitiveness with world values and the other is being the preferred sector with the required educated workforce. For this purpose, the labor-intensive structure of the sector should be turned into automation-intensive. Our company has adopted the principle of establishing a modern aluminum casting facility with completely domestic resources and engineering, providing the necessary operation and service support, eliminating the existing inefficiency and poor quality, and ensuring the emergence of profitable facilities.

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Continuity and productivity

Our main aim is to become a worldwide successful and sought-after brand that creates value for our customers with our products, solutions, after-sale services, reliability and high technology.

Quality and innovative

Erdem Makina has made this a vision by making continuous improvement and development projects and offering the most efficient solutions to its customers with the highest quality.

We are always with you with our expert and experienced staff

Our dedicated employees and managers to corporate commitment, have high potential and equipped with the innovations required by the business, are essential fuel that will advance our company. ERDEM MAKINAtargets to develop, grow, be productive and professional in corporate identity also aspire to have such fuel.

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Discover Professionalism

It is to evaluate and increase the satisfaction by guaranteeing product and customer satisfaction durability and provide effective solitons. It also guarantees “reliability, efficiency, technologic and user friendly” production besides the good quality in products that we are producing and processes.