Mold Spray Robot

The EMY-08 PLUS Auto-Mold Spray robot that we've been serving you with a new design


TUR Type Melting Furnaces

Lower energy consumption and burn loss, quality refractory application

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Our dedicated employees and managers to corporate commitment, have high potential and equipped with the innovations required by the business, are essential fuel that will advance our company. ERDEM MAKINA targets to develop, grow, be productive and professional in corporate identity also aspire to have such fuel.

Erdem Makina Employees;

– Prioritize quality and customer at the center in its business model.
– Improves their colleagues as well as themselves.
– Are open to innovations, hardworking and productive.

Erdem Makina R&D

 Our R & D center, which is constantly in search of innovation with its self-created research and development motives, is constantly improving itself.

Your Engineering Partner

R&D and Innovation,

Erdem Makina is by your side with its experienced and knowledgeable staff in all kinds of your automation and casting projects.

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Our Quality Services

Quality, functionality, performance improvement


We are an organization specialized in Aluminum casting systems with its trained and expert staff, producing various automation machines for casting facilities, as well as providing training and consultancy services on this subject.


Our main aim is to become a worldwide successful and sought-after brand that creates value for our customers with our products, solutions, after-sale services, reliability and high technology.


Erdem Makina has made this a vision by making continuous improvement and development projects and offering the most efficient solutions to its customers with the highest quality.


With its professional service team, our company offers 24-hour service for electronic and mechanical failures in aluminum machines.


Our dedicated employees and managers, with high potential and equipped with the innovations required by the business, with corporate commitment, are a tremendous fuel that will take our company forward.


Built to be your best!

Erdem Makine is developing in line with its vision, using the highest technologies of the era and exceeding customer expectations, as well as serving its product range in line with national and international product requirements and customer expectations.


Sürekli iyileştirme ve geliştirme çalışmaları yaparak


En verimli çözümleri, en yüksek kalite ile müşterilerine sunar.

Aluminum melting and holding furnaces

Aluminum melting and holding furnaces

Minimizing energy consumption and combustion losses, fully automatic holding/melting furnaces are indispensable for aluminum foundry and recycling facilities.

Ermatic prodos dosing hob

Ermatic prodos dosing hob

ERMATIC Dosing Furnaces are the most up-to-date application of precision and energy efficiency in your aluminum high and low pressure casting applications.

Aluminum injection robots

Aluminum injection robots

With its up-to-date technology, modern design and compact structures, Erdem Makina automation robots are the first step towards stability and continuity in your aluminum casting processes.

Auxiliary equipment

Auxiliary equipment

Degassing and Slag Removal, Automatic Central Lubrication, Automatic Piston Lubrication, Transport attachment and ladle, Special Machines

Satış Yapılan Ülkeler

It produces advanced technology automation robots, aluminum melting and holding furnaces, aluminum dosage furnaces, with our expert engineer staff to be the best in your sector, and also provides training and consultancy services.

Erdem Makina is by your side with its experienced and knowledgeable staff in all kinds of your automation and casting projects.

Erdem Machinery; It also demonstrates its strength in R&D activities by projecting product design, development, testing and verification possibilities and capabilities. Our company; It makes investments for R&D and innovation every year with its engineers, technical staff and university cooperation.

Our company cares about innovation and accordingly, it carries out innovation together with its customers, suppliers and all stakeholders. Tübitak projects of the machines that we have produced since 2007 have been completed and concluded with success.

Erdem Makina has gained absolute satisfaction from their clients by providing relevant and quality services both pre-sale and after sales. Necessary trainings are given to our technical team after assembly and installation with our expert staff in order to operate our products efficiently and autonomously.

Our company offers you mechanical and electronic support in the fastest way 24/7 with its professional team. Also with the remote access, service efficiency has been increased and production disruptions have been eliminated.

Innovative Aluminum Technology Opening to the World